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7/11 Announces Hot Dog Flavored Sparkling Water, No Word Yet on Limp Bizkit Involvement

7-Eleven and Miracle Seltzer have united on four new seltzer water flavors: Lemon Lime, Green Apple, Sweet Orange and... Hot Dog? It's a fucked up flavor in a fucked up place but will it be judged by its fucked up taste? Possibly not as the release date, April 1st, suggests something of an April Fools Day prank. But if it's the real deal then 7-Eleven's lack of social skills and total bills is leaving over a million (last time that I checked it) on the table by not involving Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit into this madness somehow. Are they not aware that they invented the concept of the hot dog flavored water all the way back in 2000? Will they be eventually? Will this flavor ever see the light of day? Will I immediately spike it with vodka if it does? We find out next week.