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Alleged "Nu Metalcore" Group Fixed Altitude Picks Fight with Sanity Slip, Life Becomes Nightmare

With the current explosion of the hardcore scene and the nu-metal revival, it was almost inevitable that among the many original and inspiring new bands, there would be some more unsavory characters trying to take advantage of a cultural moment.

Alleged "nu-metalcore" trio Fixed Altitude have brought themselves to the attention of both the hardcore and nu-metal scenes after the group filed a cease and desist against Texas death metal heavyweights Sanity Slip over tweets where their vocalist, Sary, called out Fixed Altitude’s lead vocalist for defending abusers and being a general bad actor.

This escalation on the part of Fixed Altitude caught the attention of a much wider audience than they would typically command. A now infamous clip of the vocalist of Fixed Altitude singing a preview of their song, bellowing out “ HOW CAN THIS NIGHTMARE BE MY LIFE” in a shrill tone has since become a widespread meme amongst both nu-metal and hardcore circles.

The video gained over 5 million views on Twitter, with so many people riffing on the song that it spawned rumors Sanity Slip had had the police called on them for saying the music was bad.

One keen-eyed Twitter user happened to notice that Fixed Altitude was playing a show near him, and in an incredible act of service to the art of music journalism, took it upon himself to do some firsthand reporting. The scene on the ground was grim, with sparse attendance and a performance quality accurately reflected by their viral clip.

The clip that put them on our radar was a less-than-subpar Linkin Park cover. For a band that loudly claims "nu-metalcore," they certainly aren't winning fans from any associated scene with their behavior or skill.

For their part, Sanity Slip played what looked like an incredible gig the same night, and would like everyone to be normal about the whole thing.

More than anything, what I think everyone can learn from this is: don’t be a creep, don't tolerate creeps, and don't call the cops over tweets.