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Babymetal and Tom Morello Release Collaboration "METALI!!"

Babymetal once again has shocked the metal populace with yet another collaboration from worlds away. Hot off the heels of “The End”, a glitchy nu-metal cut from rapper Lil Uzi Vert, Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello lends his axe to a new track.

“METALI!!” fuses traditional Indian and Japanese folk music with a dense, punchy core of syncopated riffage. Fans of Bollywood will be familiar with this sound, while receiving a breath of fresh air with Babymetal’s melodic alternative-idol stylings. If RATM released a new album today, and they included modern Drop Z-tuned guitar hilariousness, Tom Morello would be doing something a lot like this. It is not dissimilar from the riffs in RATM’s 1992 classic Wake Up, just with a shuffle beat.

“METALI!!” is out now on all major music streaming services.