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Stand Atlantic Singer Bonnie Fraser Hints at Joining Linkin Park as New Singer on Instagram

Has Linkin Park found a new lead vocalist? In a now-removed Instagram story, Stand Atlantic singer Bonnie Fraser posted an image with the caption “when they have no idea I’m ditching them for L**K*N P*RK :).” In addition, she shared a clip from TikTok account “roguenjosh” reacting to her cover of LP staple “Bleed It Out” from Mike Shinoda’s Already Over Sessions earlier this year.

So, is this confirmation of anything? A few weeks ago Orgy singer Jay Gordon let slip on a podcast that he'd heard Linkin Park "has a girl singer now," a rumor the band never denied and which now has greater weight.

The answer…is unknown at the moment. It’s very possible she’s simply playing along with the rumors that have been circulating lately. Stand Atlantic doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down, currently booked for two major tours this year across the US and Europe. Either way, her performance with Mike is stellar, and initial reactions seem to be very positive, but until things are confirmed, we’ll just have to wait and see.

A huge shoutout to Linkin Park Live for first reporting this. Their post is embedded below.