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Falling In Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke, who pled guilty to charges of battery resulting in substantial harm, and has a long history of allegations of domestic abuse, injuring concertgoers with mic stands, homophobia and transphobia, among others, has come out with his latest atrocious offering under the FiR name: a "reimagined" piano-ballad cover of Papa Roach’s 2000 mega-hit “Last Resort.”

The original track's angst and brutal honesty are stripped away as a woefully overly-dramatic Radke solemnly plays the piano, struggling to belt out the song in a way that even mid-2000s emo vocalists would cringe at. To top it all off, the decimated ruins of a city fill the landscape of the video as the former Escape The Fate singer manages to fail at lip-synching, trying too hard to give off edgy teen vibes as the nearly 40-year-old man gives the most faux-moody vibes one has ever felt. Though Radke has said he received the blessing of Papa Roach’s vocalist Jacoby Shaddix, it doesn’t change the fact that this cover proves why some artists need to be a little more protective of their IP.