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Kittie to Release New Single "We Are Shadows"

After years on hiatus following the release of their live album Origins/Evolution in 2018, Kittie has been making a triumphant return to the spotlight, dropping their first new music in years with the single "Eyes Wide Open" released on Sumerian Records in February. Today Kittie has announced a second single, "We Are Shadows," dropping tomorrow at 11:00 am EST on the Sumerian Records YouTube channel. Keep an eye out, and be ready for some fierce energy from the Ontario nu metallers.

Kittie made shockwaves by carving their own path in the mainly male-dominated field of alternative music in the 90’s. Their debut record Spit sold hundreds of thousands of copies and is still heavily listened to today. We placed it at 19 on our list of the 100 Greatest Nu Metal Albums of All Time.