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Skindred's New Album Smile Debuts at #2 on the UK Album Charts

Webbe of Skindred performing at Wacken Open Air 2018 - Photo: Andreas Lawen

25 years after their formation, nu metal juggernaut and genre blending aficionados Skindred are hitting a major milestone, in part due to a viral dance on TikTok. The band’s single Nobody, which came out in 2005, has been given life and promoted widely to the new generation. As a result, Skindred's new album Smile has debuted at number two in the UK, more than 20 years after their debut record Babylon was released. Lead vocalist Benji Webbe stated the following to The Nu Metal Agenda:

“We have run a great campaign and this has truly brought us together even more as a band, we are overwhelmed with the response and love we have felt from the heavy music community and further afield. no matter what, we have had an unbelievably good time, and it just shows me more & more that love is all we need. - Skindred, with a heart full of gratitude, thank you so much.”

Skindred recently supported Kiss’s last few UK shows earlier in the summer and will be touring the album through October and November. In addition, the band has announced some headlining shows for 2024 including a 10,000 capacity venue in Wembley.

Check out NMA’s interview with Benji Webbe of Skindred here.

Skindred - Full performance at Bloodstock 2021 - Courtesy of Bloodstock Festival