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Hypnospace Outlaw Spin-off Slayers X Launches June 1st

On June 1st, the nüest retro-inspired first-person shooter (FPS) Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer launches on Xbox Game Pass and Steam. Based on the Myspace era nu metal edginess we all love, this satirical FPS takes influence from the likes of Doom, Blood, Quake, and 90’s FPS games of a similar variety.

Slayers X follows Zane, the X Slayer, as he hunts down the Pyskos who blew up his family, killed his best friend, and hacked his computer. With hack blood energy coursing through his veins, nothing can stop Zane. Featuring music from Floor Baba and Seepage, this game has some wild nu metal bangers as backing tracks to its absurd levels. Developed by Jay Tholen as a spin-off of his wildly popular game Hypnospace Outlaw, all nu metal heads absolutely must check this game out.

Watch the trailer here: