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tttlllrrr Debuts Industrial Remix of Memorrhage's "Brain Wield"

Memorrhage’s self-titled debut LP has already been making waves with its 90’s inspired heavy aesthetic, drawing from everything – from Slipknot to Converge to more industrial-metal acts like Spineshank. And now, those dark electronic elements are brought to the forefront with tttlllrrr’s bone-chilling “Brain Wield” remix, which will be released on the Def Con 31 Compilation on August 10th to support the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Channeling the ethos of the album's themes, tttlllrrr of Grypt brings out the rusty metallic grit of the tracks underbelly. The tracks' inhuman raw energetic aggression is stripped with bone-chilling percussion that sounds like a factory churning out robots of war, and synths that reach deep within the human soul and replace the organic bits with cybernetic organs of steel and oil.

You can watch the video below. Check out tttlllrrr here, and get your Memorrhage fix here.