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VTuber Apricot covering Sun Killer by Spiritbox

【MV】Sun Killer - Apricot【COVER】lyric video

On May 3rd of 2023, British VTuber Apricot the Lich, more commonly known as "Froot", did an amazing cover of Sun Killer' by Spiritbox with an accompanying lyric video. Froot has stated in a livestream how she learned how to scream,

“I was Googling how to scream, like, healthily, so you don’t hurt your throat permanently. And I find out, it’s the same technique as what I use on stream.” She goes on to say, “It was kind of easy for me to pick up, like instantly”

She was aided by Sleeping Forest with the production, mixing, mastering and arrangement, along with Thunderscott and RichaadEB who did the guitars, drums, bass and vocal tuning. As of recently, she has done another metal cover of 115 by Elena Seigman from Call of Duty: Black Ops. Zombies in collaboration with fellow VTuber, Obkatiekat.

Froot’s rendition delivers in spades, so much so that it’s on par with the original. Hopefully we can get more covers from her, especially in a nu-metal direction.

You can view the full cover here: