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Kaonashi Debut New EP “The 3 Faces of Beauty”

Philly scene mathcore and prog post-hardcore band, Kaonashi just released an EP, The 3 Faces Of Beauty: A Violent Misinterpretation of Morgan Montgomery. This is their 5th release and second EP.

Taking a departure sonically and lyrically from their previous work, the new EP centers around the character Morgan Montgomery of the Lemon House saga, detailing Morgan and his struggles with jealousy, racism, issues with abusive parents, depression, anxiety, and lack of guidance.

At a quick 17-minute 27-second listen, the chest-pounding riffs, drums, and earnest subject matter make 3 Faces of Beauty an essential listen for every modern heavy music fan in 2024.

Stream the album on:
Apple Music

You can catch Kaonashi co-headlining with Mugshot on tour from 3/15-4/7