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Kittie Debut New Single "We Are Shadows" along with official music video

Canadian heavy metal band Kittie have debuted their second new single, "We Are Shadows". The band's first single "Eyes Wide Open" released back in February.

Vocalist/Guitarist Morgan Lander shared the following with Metal Hammer regarding the band's return:

“I just think that the world is ready for us now. A lot of the things that we were doing 25 years ago were still... I don’t want to say controversial, but they seemed so new. It definitely has a lot to do with a shift in thinking and acceptance and representation in the years since the very first time that Kittie came out. Sometimes it just takes the world a bit of time to catch up and appreciate those things.”

Both singles are from the group's upcoming album Fire and will see a release later this year via Sumerian Records.