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Left to Suffer Release Their Second Studio Album “Feral”

Left to Suffer release their second studio album Feral, 2 years after their debut A Year of Suffering, with guest features Joe Badolato from Fit for an Autopsy and Kim Dracula.

The quintet returns with a helping of nu deathcore that features the many hallmarks of nu metal’s knack for sound play, and groove. Kim Dracula gives a demonic performance on “Artificial Anatomy,” delivering speed screams and scatting, whilst Taylor Barber gives us animated rolling of R’s similar to Will Ramos from Lorna Shore. They are able to do this while using deathcore’s jagged breakdowns and angular song structures as a vehicle to drive the LP forward. Another highlight on the album, “Consistent Suffering,”, contains the only clean chorus on the album, as well as a trap break in the middle of the song.

An exciting release from the Atlanta outfit, Feral is sure to itch the scratch for those who love deathcore that's unafraid to put a little bit more nu metal swag in its step.

You can listen to the full album here: