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Memorrhage - Lunge Music Video Premier

Boot up the mainframe, connect Memorrhage to your brainwaves, and instantly, your hardware radiates nuclear heat from the 2-step drum beats, dark guitar chords, and half-shouted half-screamed vocals of “Lunge.” With that, Memorrhage gives you a fresh, brutal yet familiar nu metal sound that echoes both Slipknot’s Iowa and Bring Me The Horizon’s Suicide Season, but quickly rises up with its own gory, extraterrestrial brand of aural bedlam.

“Lunge” is one of eleven tracks on Memorrhage’s self-titled sci-fi horror anthology concept album. The song tells the story of a person who’s found no peace in their afterlife as a machine. Angular bass lines and swirling harmonics express the existential horrors of waking up inside of an icy computer prison. In the bridge, multi-instrumentalist Garry Brents lets out nasty snarls of terror, declaring that “manufactured life is / just a different hell”.

The music video, made in collaboration with digital artist Griang, complements this barnburner of a track by irradiating your eyes with contorted bodies in a digital hellscape. Griang's palette of 3D rendered graphics, found footage, and pixelated distortion presents a vision of the human form warped by its interaction with technology. The visuals capture the song's juxtaposition of a promised utopian future free from human suffering, with the cybernetic horrors that lurk beneath.

Album releases on June 16th, via Big Money Cybergrind and is available for preorder now.