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Moodring Release Latest Single off Upcoming July EP Your Light Fades Away

WOULDYOUWAITFORME is the newest single from Orlando's Moodring, in anticipation of their upcoming 3 Song EP Your Light Fades Away dropping on July 14th on UNFD records. Vocalist Hunter Young quotes on PRP that the song is,

“About fragile fibers pulled taut between opposing feelings. It’s a love song about hating to love and loving to hate, devoted to a toxic desire which remains constant even though it suffocates and consumes.”

The thermochromic musicality of Moodring changes in color over time. Black is the bludgeoning guitars that give us a tense nervousness from bands like Spiritbox, before switching to an unsettling, emotional Amber. The soaring vocals and seductively dark lyrics evoke Deftones.

Moodring’s newest single resembles heat emanating through the peripheral blood flow. Between its aural energy and subject matter sits a melodic dissonance. One that sparks conflicting feelings of toxicity, and a longing for fulfillment, with an electrifying visualizer.

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