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Nettspend's Deftones-Sampling "That One Song" Taken Down by Warner Following Copyright Claim

Warner Music takes the plug out the wall

As pointed out to me via this TikTok and confirmed by myself using the direct music video link I had posted the other day, Nettspend's Deftones-sampling "That One Song" music video has been removed from YouTube following a Warner Music Group claim. "That One Song", which sampled "Entombed," a track from Deftones' 2012 studio album Koi No Yokan, was issued via Reprise Records, which happens to be a subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

As of Wednesday, July 10th, Nettspend's "That One Song" is also no longer available on streaming.

Bummer! The track, while slight, was an interesting flip of the Deftones classic and any engagement The Young People of America give our beloved 'tones is alright with me. Hopefully this all gets sorted out soon.

Until then, check out the original "Entombed" below: