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Draven Bennington Drops New Single as Hip Hop Duo RVRND

Draven Bennington, the son of the late Chester Bennington has dropped a new single with hip-hop duo RVRND

Draven Bennington and Manny Dominick, photo via Instagram

RVRND is a hip-hop duo that was started by Draven Bennington, the son of the late Chester Bennington, who enlisted the help of drummer and producer Manny Dominick, AKA Mannythedrummer, formerly of electronic rock band Ghost Town from 2012-2017. The pair delivered their vulnerable debut single “F-w_Me'' this week, alongside Bennington’s appearance in Family Legacy, a new Paramount+ series following the children of famous musical artists.

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While there is an undeniable similarity to his father in Draven’s vocals, he’s no imitation, bringing his own taste and influences to the project. Bennington addresses the inevitable comparison head-on rapping, "I'm breaking right out of these shadows I've lived in/ I'm lacing 'em down/ too much room in my shoes but I'm stretching 'em out" The pair certainly is stretching expectations, with the track sounding closer to “The Real Slim Shady” than a Hybrid Theory deep cut.

Chester impacted countless lives, leaving a legacy of hope in dark times. Whether it’s through nu-metal or any other style of music, Draven continues that legacy with RVRND. An endeavor that he without a doubt, will make his own.

Listen to the track in full here: