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Limp Bizkit Joined by Jelly Roll on "Behind Blue Eyes" at Welcome to Rockville

That better not be Wes coming up behind me...

Wes Borland's aesthetic continues to lose ground to some of the more peculiar aspects of Limp Bizkit's live performances of late. During the band's headlining set this past weekend at Welcome to Rockville, frontman Fred Durst polished off "My Way" with a bit of customarily pornographic banter on the back end and invited festival-goers to "do some karaoke together" as he pivoted to Bizkit's rendition of the Who's "Behind Blue Eyes."

While audience assistance never waned during the first two verses, the ever left-field Durst decided to distract the chorusing Daytona crowd from the song's infamous Speak & Spell interlude by begging for divine intervention. Answering his call for "an angel to come out here and save me" wasn't a despondent, backlit Halle Berry, however, but Tennesseean and Rockville coheadliner Jelly Roll, performer of last year's "Save Me."

Jelly Bizkit

Jelly Roll's salvation consisted not of dropping from the sky as petitioned but shuffling over from stage left and taking the mic at Durst's side, completing the acoustic crowdpleaser as a bucket- and cowboy-hatted duet for the defeated and mistreated. The two closed the moment as big-hugging "motherfucking legends" to raucous applause. We may not know what it's like, but if that hug suggests anything, it's that Jelly Roll does, and that might just be enough.