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Linkin Park May Be Releasing "QWERTY" on Streaming

Linkin Park has been building hype for something coming soon, and they've just given fans one more piece of the puzzle. The band has been slowly revealing what appears to be the tracklist of a compilation album, including a previously unreleased track with Chester Bennington's vocals "Friendly Fire."

Until now, what song will be #14 has been kept a mystery, but two images posted to Joe Hahn's Instagram story may have just confirmed its identity. The first shows his desk with a yet-published image in the same style as those the band has been sharing over the past week up on the monitor. The second is of his keyboard with the letters "QWERTY" circled in green.

"QWERTY" was recorded in 2006 during the Minutes to Midnight sessions, and debuted live on their Japan tour that same year, but was only released on Linkin Park Underground compilations (first appearing on LP Underground 6.0) and is not officially available on streaming services.