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Saliva to Release Last Album Recorded With Wayne Swinny

Following the untimely death of guitarist Wayne Swinny in March, Saliva have issued a statement regarding the future of the group. Yesterday, April 28th, they announced that the band will continue with their summer tour plans to honor Swinny’s legacy and hard work. Saliva will also move forward with releasing the album they completed prior to Swinnys' passing.

The band's statement was paired with a message from Swinny’s sister, Linda Hanson, where she reminisced on her time with Wayne as someone who “...tried to cover up his kind, gentle, loving heart and soul with a rough and tough exterior, but he just couldn’t help being the person he really was, Kind. Gentle. Loving.” She expressed how with the continuation of the band, Wayne Swinny’s legacy will live on.

“His spirit will live through the new album, every new song they write, and every performance the band will continue to give. Wayne's legacy will live on through the music of Saliva—now and in the future”

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