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Sevendust Drummer Morgan Rose to Join "Late Night With Seth Meyers" Band

Nu metal gets a moment in the late-night television spotlight with Morgan Rose of Sevendust slated to join the Late Night With Seth Meyers house band, 8G, next week from January 8th-11th.

Since the SAG-AFTRA strike concluded in autumn of 2023, and the return of regularly scheduled programming, the producers of Late Night With Seth Meyers have returned to their longstanding practice of highlighting metal drummers. In early October they invited Craig Reynolds from nu metal/hardcore outfit Stray From the Path to take another turn behind the kit, and now Rose will get his chance. These folks are far from the first metal drummers to be a part of the house band, but seeing nu metal drummers behind the kit is a rarity.

Late Night producer Eric Leiderman is a drummer himself, and according to an interview with Modern Drummer in 2021, he’s stated that the experiences are overwhelmingly positive, since such an opportunity gives drummers a chance to share their talents and projects with a new audience.

It’s a pretty major opportunity to platform artists, especially within the nu metal scene.

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