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Slipknot Sued by Joey Jordison’s Estate

Photo: Paul Harries

Updated story: We provide a more in depth look at the case here.

TMZ has obtained court documents detailing an ongoing legal battle between the late Joey Jordison’s estate and Slipknot.

The complaint, initially filed in June of 2023, alleges a number of legal transgressions made by the band including using Joey’s 2021 death to boost sales of their 2022 album The End, So Far, failing to express condolences to Joey’s family after his death despite saying otherwise, and failing to return Joey’s musical gear and personal belongings as agreed upon, instead displaying the items in their traveling Knotfest museum. Not to mention makes a formal accusation that Slipknot ejected Joey from the band while he struggled with acute transverse myelitis which had caused him to lose usage of his left leg.

In response, Slipknot has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit and denies there is any wrongdoing.

News of this lawsuit is coming after Slipknot fired Jordison’s replacement, Jay Weinberg in a similarly abrupt manner, as well as parting ways with longtime member Craig Jones earlier this year.