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Soulkeeper Announces “Holy Design” Album Release Show, Cassette Pre-orders

Following the release of their latest titanic effort, Holy Design, Soulkeeper has announced both an incredibly stacked album release show and physical cassette tapes.

Announced by the Big Money Cybergrind label on May 19th, pre-orders will be up for cassettes on June 2nd.  Although only 30 cassettes will be available to order, an additional 20 will be available to purchase at their album release show.

Following this will be their album release party, scheduled for July 29th in Minneapolis, featuring an array of metalcore and cybergrind crossover artists for support; Minnesota deathcore outfit Our Common Collapse, emotional chipgrind group Blind Equation from Illinois, synth core act Zombieshark! coming in from Pennsylvania, and local dubstep/hip-hop/cybergrind crossover duo Bejalvin.

As for the album itself, much like Fromjoy’s self-titled debut LP earlier this year, Holy Design takes synthwave, metalcore, and deathcore influences, combining them into an incredibly dense and brutal sound, while adding a healthy dose of fresh air to the scene all at once.

Tickets for the album release show will be available at the box office or on their website. Pre-orders for physicals will be available June 2nd on Big Money Cybergrind’s Bandcamp Page.