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American Head Charge’s "The War Of Art" Removed from Streaming Services

In a troubling turn of events, American Head Charge’s 2001 debut studio album The War of Art has suddenly disappeared from streaming platforms, including Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

This was noticed by a user on r/numetal who reported the disappearance of the album on January 29th. The album appears to not be available in the US, but is still available to users outside of the States, such as the UK, Finland, and the Philippines. Reasons for why this has happened are currently unknown, with some users speculating that this could be because of a dispute over the rights and royalties of the album between former band members.

The War of Art was originally released on August 28th, 2001 to positive reviews from critics and audiences, and has become a cult classic of the genre. We ranked it at #3 on our list of the 100 greatest nu-metal albums of all time.