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New Trippie Redd Single flips Deftones' “Sextape”

A Love Letter to You 5 vs. Diamond Eyes

Trippie Redd’s new mixtape, A Love Letter to You 5, features prominently a sample that those in tune will notice. The quintology’s latest addition flips "Sextape", a remarkable instance in Deftones' acclaimed 2013 album Diamond Eyes. Redd’s track “Last Days” samples the pre-chorus:

Take me one more time,
Take me on more wave,
Take me for one last ride,
I'm out of my head

As a foundation for his love song, which in many ways mirrors "Sextape". Both tracks explore the themes of intimacy in wild, dynamic ways. Redd's song is dramatic in the latter half, with an evocative beat change at 2 minutes to bookend an urgent vocal line. It’s another example of hip hop incorporating darker and intimate arrangements from alt metal. Other artists like Destroy Lonely are already on the wave.

Check out both “Last Days” and “Sextape” here