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UnityTX Release Fourth Single "LOST IN DAYZ…" Off Upcoming Album 'FERALITY'

Photo Credit: @thephotokatt

UnityTX have put out their fourth single for their upcoming record FERALITY, and the band shows they have absolutely no intentions of pulling punches on the aggressiveness and lyrical honesty that listeners have come to love.

Clocking in at 1 minute and 31 seconds, their latest single “LOST IN DAYZ…” is a breakdown juggernaut. Despite the short length, the song doesn’t waste time fitting in an intro, two verses, two choruses, and an outro. Packing it all in with precision, “LOST IN DAYZ…” has a full structure you’d expect from a 3-4 minute single. From angst-filled breakdowns to a clear message about feeling hopeless in hopeless times for younger generations, UnityTX cranked out yet another heavy, moshable single that finds a way to deliver emotion and absolutely brutal instrumentation in under 2 minutes. It has us all anxiously awaiting the new album’s full release.

UnityTX’s new album FERALITY is out September 8th on Pure Noise Records. Catch them on tour in September with nothing.nowhere, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, and Static Dress.