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Wargasm Release Single "Bang Ya Head" Featuring Fred Durst

Wargasm has released their new single, “Bang Ya Head” featuring the man himself, Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst, in anticipation of their debut full-length studio album Venom.

“Bang Ya Head” wastes no time in delivering exactly what we want: a good old-fashioned bounce riff taken right out of the Limp Bizkit playbook, reinvigorated by the stylings of digital hardcore.

The song’s lyrics tackle the harsh realities of modern life. Quality of life decreases as the cost of living skyrockets and everyone has to overwork themselves just to be able to scrape by. When talking about the song in a press release, Sam Matlock says, “When I was working in bars, it always drove me insane how much it costs us to live, and how little money we make.” He continues, “It’s just this nightmare cycle until you get lucky. Like banging your head against a brick wall over and over and over — you bang your head until you break your fucking neck.”

Fred Durst gives his cosign to the band, delivering his classic ‘come at me bro’ bars, adding a confrontational edge to the track that highlights the frustration of surviving the modern world.

Wargasm’s new album Venom will be released on October 27th. You can listen to the track here: