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Mad Kelly Releases New Single "Everybody's Enemy"

Nu metal vocalist and producer Mad Kelly released a new music video today on The track, "Everybody’s Enemy" is about the paranoia of fitting in, feeling like everyone is out to get you, and stepping away from the status quo.

Kelly further expanded on this to Revolver saying

The song could be about thinking everyone hates you. Going through life thinking everyone has it out for you, and is against you... On the other hand, it could be about stepping away from the 'norm,' finally reaching the end with trying to blend in and be like everyone else, feeling like everybody's enemy.

The track and video take heavy influence from Linkin Park and Disturbed with bounce riffs, funky bass grooves, and vocal styling that evoke both David Draiman and Chester Bennington at moments. However the production, lyrics, and guitar tone feel fresh and modern, something entirely his own as one of the artists leading the nu-metal revival.