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Make Them Suffer Release a Nu Single “Ghost of Me”

Photo credit: Dana Willax

Make Them Suffer release their new single “Ghost of Me” with an accompanying music video on SharpTone Records. The Australian band has embraced a more nu-djent direction. The song has a bit of an “Alien” era Northlane feel to it, with its fusions of Industrial Metal and Progressive Metalcore, but with a primal groove that fires off with blistering speed. A style of nu-metal songwriting similar to Slipknot, with a futuristic spin.

Make Them Suffer have experimented with a wide variety of sounds over the years, starting with their first LP “Neverbloom” which mixed deathcore with symphonic black and death metal elements. On later projects, they leaned into progressive metalcore while still retaining some of their old deathcore roots. Now they seem to be going into nu-metal territory for their 5th studio LP,  to be finished in 2023. The prospect of Make Them Suffer making a nu-metal album is quite exciting.

You can watch the music video here: