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Corey Taylor Announces New Single “BEYOND” From His Upcoming Album

Corey Taylor is a man of the fans. From his book tours to his music tours, Corey does his best to feed his people. And his soon-to-be-released single, “BEYOND”, off of Taylor’s next album CMF2 is an event many fans can’t wait for. Taylor previously performed this song on his four-date solo tour, which started May 2nd.

Corey Taylor announced on May 9th over Twitter that he will be officially dropping “BEYOND” on May 16th. In the same Tweet, he also put out a phone number so that fans may be updated through text as the week goes by. To hold his fans over until the release, behind-the-scenes footage of the accompanying music video has been leaked on YouTube.

Behind-the-scenes footage for the music video can be seen below: