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"Higher Than Death," 3Teeth & Mick Gordon Drop New Single off Upcoming Album

3Teeth and Mick Gordon release a nu single titled "Higher than Death", released on the Century Family, Inc label. It's the sixth single from their next album EndEx which is to be released on 22 September.

The industrial metal quartet gives listeners another helping of their dark, brutal sound, now featuring chainsaws and the electronic production Gordon is infamous for. This time with a particularly powerful anthemic chorus to boot.

Since partnering up with Gordon, 3Teeth's strengths and aptitude for writing feet stomping industrial only seems to be enhanced further under the guide of Gordon's DOOM style mixing. "Higher than Death" is another solid highlight - it features what we know 3Teeth to be good, and their best qualities are accentuated further by Gordon's addition.

You can listen to the track here: