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As of May 7th, the Korn album Untitled appears to have been removed from streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music.* Ironically "Hold On" is the only track that remains available.

Released in July 2007, Untitled is Korn’s eighth studio album. The album has sold over 500,000 copies and is certified gold. It features the singles "Evolution", "Hold On", and "Kiss". Untitled is the first Korn album that does not feature drummer David Silveria.

In 2021, the self-described “alternative investment platform” Tempo Music bought the majority stake for the master recordings and compositions of Untitled and See You On The Other Side, Korn’s 2005 album release. Tempo is partnered with Warner Music Group and Providence Equity.

*Update: While the album was temporarily unavailable on YouTube Music as well, it has since been returned and can be streamed here.