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Linkin Park Reportedly Taking Offers for Reunion Tour

It didn't seem possible, but it seems Linkin Park is planning a comeback. After an indefinite hiatus following Chester Bennington's death in 2017, the band has been content to let their legacy stand, performing only once in a memorial concert.

But now, according to Billboard, several sources close to the band report that booking agency WME is putting out feelers on a 2025 LP reunion tour with Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, and Dave Farrell.

Billboard's sources yet again bring up the possibility of adding a female vocalist to cover Chester's parts. Jay Gordon of Orgy started this rumor when he said on the Wired in the Empire podcast that he'd "hear[d] they got a girl singer now." The rumor gained more traction when Bonnie Fraser of Stand Atlantic joked about leaving her band to join Linkin Park, although she later clarified in a TikTok that she had no real plans to do so.

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Mike has been non-committal recently about continuing on with the band. When asked by Revolver if there was anything in store for the future, he told them "When there's an announcement to be made, it will be on If you're hearing it from somebody else, you can trust that information as much as you want to trust it."