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Wish Me To Life - Nu Metal/EDM Remix is the Best of Both Scenes

Nu-metal is more adaptable than ever. It’s been a joy watching Gen-Z artists tinker and, frankly, mutilate famous tracks into contemporary mixes that complement all genres involved. The latest well-kept secret is by musician and media composer Singto Conley who slammed together Evanescences’ “Bring Me to Life” with Porter Robinson’s “Get Your Wish.”

Though the composition, appropriately titled “Wish Me to Life,” will not see a life on streaming services anytime soon, don’t let that deter you from its innovation. Amy Lee’s processed, formant-shifted vocals fit decisively into Robinson’s paracosm and the result is a powerful chorus, similar to hearing the track for the first time.

It’s vaguely similar to how vaporwave vivified old 80’s/90’s era grooves into a framework that completely flips the script in terms of perspective. I’d like to see the same happen with nu-metal, because God knows there’s a troth of resources available. Here’s to banking on the Nu getting the same treatment - repurposed and revamped to fit current music culture.