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Thotcrime Release New Single “A Better Kind of Shot”

Thotcrime - the genre-mashing, unapologetically queer, cybergrind collective, has released an anthemic new single, “A Better Kind of Shot,” available now on streaming services. Guitarist Malady Jane has described the song as “basically our ‘Sorry You’re Not a Winner’ by Enter Shikari” but Thotcrime never settles for imitation -  they’re paying homage to one of their biggest influences at 2x speed, cramming a ton of emotional range and crushing riffs into a lightning-fast minute and 26-second banger.

The track opens with a wall of synthy arpeggios and programmed blast beats before giving way to mathy metalcore riffing and powerful cleans from vocalist Hayleyy Sparxx. Take a listen below:

“A Better Kind of Shot” initially appeared on Trans Rights or Else, a compilation from Massachusetts-based Nu House Studios. All proceeds from the compilation go to the studio's Trans Musician Fund, which covers production costs for trans artists, including associated expenses such as transportation and time off work. If you’d like to purchase the single or pick up the whole compilation, you can do that here