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Welcome to Loserville: A Closer Look at the Limp Bizkit Mockumentary

Ahead of Limp Bizkit’s summer Loserville tour alongside BONES, N8NOFACE, Corey Feldman, Eddy Baker and Riff Raff, Fred Durst has decided to grace us all with his first directorial outing since 2019’s legendary box office bomb The Fanatic.

The video, shot mockumentary style and featuring cameos from himself and guitarist Wes Borland as well as their fellow tour mates, feels torturously long as a group of artists not chiefly known for acting or comedy stumble to improvise their way through to the finish line. You feel the awkwardness of every one of the 17 minutes and 11 seconds. Having expressed his admiration for anti-comedy legend Andy Kaufman in the past this is likely intentional, but Kaufman, Mr Durst is not, and the result is as much an endurance test as a promo.

Ironically, it is the comparatively lesser-known acts that come across the best as they appear to be putting on far less of an act as the old guard. N8NOFACE’s earnest charm is highly endearing, as is Eddy Baker’s dry wit, and BONES seems to speak for all viewers as he gruffly expresses a desire to go home barely 2 minutes in.

“We’re the underdogs, we’re like weeds”, Durst expresses towards the end, “So I thought we could lean into it.” Uniting a group of artists collectively regarded as losers, has-beens, and nobodies is fantastic as a concept, but one wonders if this was really the smartest way to go about it, especially when the funniest moment by far comes in the final seconds as Wes Borland keels over from an apparent potassium overdose and Durst raises his hand to request a medic (perhaps in reference to his appearance at the 1999 VMAs)

You can judge the video for yourself below, and if you somehow still feel motivated to purchase tickets once your penance is over, you can purchase them from