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Skibidi of a Down?: The Curious Connections Between Skibidi Toilet Mastermind DaFuq!?Boom! and System of a Down

Alexey Gerasimov, AKA DaFuq!?Boom!, is a Russian YouTuber whose specialty is creating animations using Valve’s 3D computer graphics software tool Source Filmmaker by using assets from various video games such as Half-Life, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Garry’s Mod. Though he subsequently gained massive popularity thanks to his “Skibidi Toilet” series, he’s been on YouTube since 2016.

While Gerasimov is most known now for his absurdist, Gen-Alpha corrupting Skibidi Toilet series, at one point his claim to fame was a machinima music video set to his favorite System of a Down song "ATWA" off of their sophomore effort Toxicity.

Upon first glance, this video is out of the ordinary compared to DaFuq’s other animations. One would expect his usual absurdist comedy accompanied by a popular song, yet, these expectations are immediately subverted as the video fades into a convict holding a picture of him and his girlfriend to the somber opening notes of “ATWA”. As it plays on, the intent becomes clear; the main goal was not to invoke laughter, but something else more akin to sadness and anger as it showcases themes of police brutality, systemic injustice, rage, and loss perfectly reflecting System’s lyrical themes.

The video was widely acclaimed by DaFuq!?Boom! fans and System of a Down fans alike. The heartfelt production even caught the attention of the bassist for System of a Down himself, Shavo Odajian in an Instagram Post.

While Gerasimov is more known for his creation of the enigmatically insane Skibidi Toilet series - which has rocketed him to fame, becoming one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels ever - there are hidden gems such as this that give more dimensions to him as a creator. Beyond the absurdity, they display his penchant for visual storytelling on a more serious level as well as showing a clear appreciation and understanding of System’s music.

As for System of a Down's connection to Skibidi Toilet, for now, only AI can manifest this terrifying concept:

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