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The 50 Greatest Nu Metal Albums of All Time

When I published my list of The 100 Greatest Nu-Metal Songs of All Time last year I figured individual songs was the optimal way to celebrate this wonderful genre of music but the more time I spent with nu-metal the more my mind changed. I've grown up around an internet's worth of rock-crit and poptimism and greatest ever lists enough to know what a true classic album is supposed to sound like but after three solid years of nu-metal immersion I've decided I prefer this. I prefer albums that don't have that mysterious godlike "x" factor in them that sets them so far apart from the rest of us mortals, I prefer albums that try and fail just as much as they succeed. Passion, to me, is the most beautiful sound of all and nu-metal is all about being so passionate it would be easier to rewrite the rulebook than follow it.

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