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Corey Taylor Confirms New Solo Album, Signs With BMG

Corey Taylor in the studio CREDIT: Dan Virchow

Is there anyone in rock music busier than Slipknot’s Corey Taylor? The band just released their seventh studio album, The End So Far, last fall and are booked to play a handful of festivals around the world. For most that would be enough, but not for Taylor, who has just signed a global deal with BMG to release his second solo album, CMF2, later this year under his newly announced imprint label, Decibel Cooper.

The project was teased in a few Instagram videos earlier this year. He promises that “Musically, it's harder, it's faster, but there's still tons of stuff from the first album. So, there's elements of Slipknot, there's elements of Stone Sour, there's elements of CMFT; there's elements of the stuff that I've been doing for years… all the stuff that I've always wanted to do, we're doing that.”

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Oh, and about that new record label? Taylor says "Decibel Cooper will not only allow me to release my own music and art worldwide, but it also gives me a solid way to help bolster any rad new acts I want to put on the roster. BMG is going to help me put my money where my mouth is — giving a boost to the next generation”

No release date has been given yet, but we’ll be ready. Now all we need is Stone Sour back and all will be right with the world.