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Evanescence Celebrate 20 years of "Fallen" on Australia Tour

Photo: Tam Schilling

Evanescence celebrate 20 years of their debut album, Fallen with a massive Australian tour which began on August 24th, in Brisbane. The band's set features highlights from Fallen, but it doesn't dwell on the past and instead pulls from their entire discography. Supported on all dates by The Beautiful Monument, this epic tour will hit five major cities across Australia before Evanescence returns to the States to perform at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival.

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Released during nu metal's peak in popularity in 2003, Fallen was a stand-out record when the genre had become saturated with many carbon copy bands. Infusing 90’s gothic metal elements—epic symphonies, gloomy melodies, and open book vulnerability—with the hefty bounce of nu metal. The result is an enduring nu-goth masterpiece with highlights such as "My Immortal," "Going Under," "Everybody's Fool," and the essential "Bring Me to Life."

After the album's release, it stacked up both commercial and critical achievements. Five Grammy wins including Best Hard Rock Performance and Best New Artist, selling 17 million copies worldwide, with 10 million copies in the US alone, and hitting top 10 charts globally. 20 years on, Fallen is still a crown jewel in Evanescence's discography.