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Fred Durst to Launch Podcast with Bill Maher's Club Random Studios

Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst will soon add "Podcaster" to his long list of titles. Comedian Bill Maher recently sat down with Variety Magazine and shared that outside of his own podcast, he would be soon starting a network of different podcasts, hosted by his Club Random Studios.

Maher announced the Durst would have his own podcast, focusing on UFOs and conspiracy theories. Legendary rocker Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins) will also have a podcast. There is currently no confirmed start date for either podcasts.

Maher shared this regarding the collaboration:

"I never knew Fred or Billy, but something good happens there, and I can feel like I’m best friends for life with somebody who I just talked to for an hour and a half. That’s the quality we want — a nighttime feel.”

Below is Durst's appearance on Maher's podcast from 2023.