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Mudvayne in 2023: New Music on the Horizon

Illinois nu-metallers Mudvayne have revealed that they have their first new material for almost a decade currently in the works. Speaking to The Oakland Press, frontman Chad Gray stated that “We've got four [songs] in the pipe. I've written each one of them probably three different times, 'cause it's like nothing's good enough. We're gonna keep pushing. We're all getting along really good. We're all talking. Hopefully we all want the same thing from our music, so we'll see.”

Reforming in 2021 after going on hiatus in 2010, one would think that releasing new music would be somewhat of an uphill battle after such a long time, but if anything it seems that their absence has only made their audience’s hearts grow fonder.

“There’s so many younger kids that are coming up and coming into our world, the metal world, and they’re learning about Mudvayne." Gray said. "The ground’s kind of rumbling and it goes out and touches more and more people, but we weren’t out there to scratch that itch. You still have your actual fan base but you’re accumulating new people. So when we came back it was very exciting for us. It was about our fans and giving those new fans the experience.”

With the nu-metal revival already in full swing, the boys appear primed to take advantage of fresh eyes and ears now aimed in their direction, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store.

Mudvayne - Live in Peoria 2001