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Slipknot and Weezer Announce 2025 Co-Headlining 'Sleezer' Tour

After much anticipation, Slipknot and Weezer have finally answered the prayers of Invader Zim backpack wearing fans all over the globe and announced they will be touring together. "This has been long in the works," said Rivers Cuomo in a statement exclusive to The Nu Metal Agenda, "I'm a huge fan of them and have heard they're fans of us as well. We think this is going to work amazing together."

"I've didn't like them then and like them even less now," commented Shawn 'Clown' Crahan of Slipknot, "The only thing that's going to keep me from blowing my brains out on night one is the fat payday we're promised." No specific dates have been announced but the two bands have promised to play a true global tour. "If we're doing this we're coming to Brazil," stated Rivers, "I can't bear the thought of passing up that wonderful country for another second."

Earlier this year photos from the first attempt at a Sleezer tour resurfaced, catching the attention of fans and publications alike. The original tour, which would have taken place around 2002, ended before it could begin when Cuomo realized there was no order the bands could play that would work claiming, "Either we go first and our fans get pulverized or they go first and we die." Hopefully now with Slipknot embracing a more mellowed-out sound, they'll get by with less bloodshed.