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Unsealed Trump Indictment Sparks Questions About Kid Rock’s Access to Classified Military Documents Because Sure, Why Not

If there was one defining sentiment to the Trump years it was that everything is urgent and nothing matters. Mind you things did matter, but their significance was lost in a 24/7 swirl of chaos that, despite its claimed urgency, never actually seemed to matter to those perpetuating it. When a headline from Rolling Stone about Donald Trump seeking foreign policy advice from former American Badass Kid Rock appeared back in March 2022, it came and went without seeming any more absurd than anything else about his presidency.

But now, with Trump’s second indictment unsealed, many people are speculating that an unnamed individual without a security clearance who was shown classified military documents in 2021 may be the Detroit-Suburb Cowboy himself.

Unfortunately, once you cut through the rumors and chaos, the timeline doesn’t quite hold up. The article is about an interview he did in 2022 where he mentions all this, but the conversations he brings up happened while Trump was still in office.

As court cases roll on, pigeons come home to roost, and things might actually start to matter again, Kid Rock’s short-lived career in international relations is back on everyone’s mind. It was always believable that Trump did that shit, but the carelessness still puts a pause in your day. We were that close to having the Bullgod recommend strategic bombing targets in North Korea and potentially plunging the world into World War III.