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Ozzy Osbourne Issues Scathing Rebuke of Kanye West for Using Sample without Permission

On Friday Morning Ozzy Osbourne took to X (formerly Twitter) to issue forth a statement regarding Kanye West's sampling of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs:"

Osbourne's "War Pigs" claim is a bit off, as West actually samples the band's "Iron Man" for a song titled simply "Black Sabbath" and features Rich the Kid and Ty Dolla Sign. The rapper had previously interpolated "Iron Man"'s verse melody in 2010 for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy's "Hell of a Life."

The all-caps polemic pointedly calls out the prominent personality/musician for being an anti-semite which, between endorsing Hitler and referencing neo-Nazi black metal musician Burzum, has ample groundings in reality.

West hosted a listening party for his embattled Ty Dolla Sign collaboration Vultures at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois last night. Still no word on the album's official release. This author recommends he keep it.