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I’m letting unseen forces take the wheel — Scary Website, EP Review

When hearing the term nu metal, many people think only of a particular sound from the late ’90s and early 2000s, even when newer acts have continued moving the genre forward with new and innovative sounds.  Then again, sometimes from out of nowhere you hear something that teleports right back to 2001, and like a lightbulb over your head…you get it.

I’m letting unseen forces take the wheel is a band that hits all your senses in a barrage of sounds and textures that are all at once confusing, intriguing, and drawing you in.  Formed entirely online from different parts of the US, the group melds hardcore, cybergrind, metalcore, dubstep, and noise in ways that refuse to follow convention, and they flex their genre-bending extremism on their newest EP, Scary Website.

If that descriptor isn’t enough to pique your interest, then maybe the mixture of goofy track names, such as “Jake is a Mostly Dog Name” and “This Creepypasta Got Really Medical (I Need To Take A Break),” the comedic lyrics, and the absolutely ear-rupturing brutality of the delivery can speak for itself.

The music, a heavily produced blend of distorted bass, crushing guitars, and brutal screaming, all come to a creative crescendo in track 4, “My Rawring Bride,” which expertly uses an interpolation of P.O.D.’s “Boom” as the basis for some highly captivating rap-metal vocals that sound like the underground acts of the early 2000’s just seeing how wild they can get.

I’m letting unseen forces take the wheel – Scary Website is out now on their Bandcamp page