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The Callous Daoboys Release New Single “Pushing The Pink Envelope”

The Callous Daoboys continue their genre-breaking onslaught with the release of “Pushing The Pink Envelope” the second single from their upcoming EP God Smiles Upon The Callous Daoboys, slated for release on October 20th.

The track opens with gorgeous twinkling synths before taking a dive into the dark side with vocalist Carson Pace’s lamenting screams. The mathcore roots of the Daoboys take center stage with breakneck riffs that make way for a rather jazzy section— allowing the listener a second to breathe —before jumping right back into the madness with a sparkling, almost breakcore-esque build into the chorus. It’s a roller coaster of the unexpected, executed with pinpoint precision, wrapping up neatly with a 4:12 runtime.

With two singles out to the world, the wait for the final track on God Smiles Upon The Callous Daoboys is a nail-biter. Yet, The Callous Daoboys continue to show with each drop why they’re one of the bands, if not the band, to watch in today’s scene. Check out the new single and catch them in your city on tour with Protest the Hero and Moontooth this November to see what the magic’s all about.