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Linkin Park Biography "It Starts With One: The Legend and Legacy of Linkin Park" Announced

Billboard Executive Director Jason Lipshutz has announced that his first book, "It Starts With One: The Legend and Legacy of Linkin Park", will be released on October 1st.

Pre-orders available at

Lipshutz shared the following regarding the biography:

IT STARTS WITH ONE is part biography, part critical analysis, full appreciation of LP’s identity, sound, fame, message & legacy. I started this project nearly 2 years ago, when I realized that there was no career-spanning Linkin Park book. That seemed unfathomable, so I wrote it! And in honor of Linkin Park’s contributions to championing mental health care, I’m personally donating a portion of the book’s proceeds to the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI), and Backline, which connects music industry professionals with mental health resources. I worked with the wonderful @carrienap & the great folks at @HachetteBooks on this. Huge thanks to my agent @ajmattero for years of support (and frustrated Sixers emails). So excited that Announcement Day is finally here, and can’t wait to roll this book out to Linkin Park fans! Finally, a lot of IT STARTS WITH ONE was completed while my wife was pregnant with our first child - our daughter listened to SO MUCH Linkin Park in utero! This will forever be a special project. Hope you guys love reading it as much as I loved writing it.