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Shaq Samples Drowning Pool in "Bodies Freestyle"

Shaquille O’Neal hits the ground running with his freestyle track “Bodies,” released to his official Youtube channel on April 26th. This would mark his official return to rap since 1998. The track features a verse by Shaq himself and rappers Lex Bratcher and Scar Lip, accompanied by a portrait-viewed music video.

“What makes this important nu metal news?” you may be asking. Well, the track dawns a sample from the one and only “Bodies” by Drowning Pool. This isn't Shaq's first encounter with nu metal either; collaborating with none other than Korn bassist Fieldy and 311 members Chad Sexton and Nick Hexum on the song "Psycho." Though subtle, his new track leaves a taste of the past collisions made by nu-metal and hip-hop music. Let's hope that we’ll get another “Numb/Encore” by Jay-Z and Linkin Park, or “Fuck Dying” by Ice Cube and Korn. It may be just a sample, but it's a telling sign that nu-metal is still in the air. Good luck with your returning rap career, Shaq.