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ORTHODOX Release New Single "Soaking Nerves"

When Nashville metal outfit Orthodox tweeted the caption “BIG PANTS MUSIC” with a snippet of their new single "Soaking Nerves," they were absolutely not kidding.

Their latest single "Soaking Nerves" fully embraces nu metal – specifically in its infancy with bands like Coal Chamber and Self-Titled era Korn and Slipknot. The sound is scuzzy, gritty, and primal. The accompanying music video for their new single showcases the band sporting JNCO jeans, chugging along with the beat in a syncopated rhythm. All this while vocalist Adam Easterling gets up close and personal with the camera, growling a song about “becoming your own person and growing into your own viewpoint” as stated by Easterling.

Orthodox will soon kick off a headlining tour with 156/Silence, Chamber, Cell, and Momentum starting July 6th through August 13th. Tickets can be purchased here.

The nu-core scene is going full steam ahead and shows no signs of stopping.